Studio Mixes

Full Circle
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2013-06-05Drum n' BassShow Tracklist
It started as a relatively simple idea – build a mix that takes you around the world of drum n’ bass, and brings you right back where you started – Full Circle. It parallels the passing of the seasons, and the phases of my raving career – from neophyte, to music aficionado, to dancefloor madman, to drum n' bass historian, and back again. Put it on repeat, and turn it the fuck up.

So much <3 to DJ Dainja at Rush Delivery for the mastering work, and to Lynda Jean Louis and Andrew Budziak for the cover art.

Tragic Hero
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2012-03-15Drum n' BassShow Tracklist
Much has changed over the years, but a great story, told in music, never grows old. This mix is in five acts, following the rise & fall plotline of classic tragedy, a storytelling device dating back to the poet Horace in 18 BC.

Dedicated to Rob & Jessie. Keep smiling. ;)

All Of Me
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2007-10-30Drum n' BassShow Tracklist
Summer time might be over, but the summer of our lives is still in full swing, no doubt. It's a time that holds a new adventure around every corner. This mix is designed to be the soundtrack to your next adventure. Perhaps a little calmer than Daddy's usual style, but still the aural equivalent of getting your ears licked by a supermodel. Put it in your ride, turn it up high, and live the fucking dream man!

One Night Stand
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2005-10-30UK HardcoreShow Tracklist
This mix was inspired by the quickmixing/mashup style that the Goodfellaz crew were caning in Toronto in the early 2000s by bringing in headliners like Luna-C and No Left Turn. Mixed on 3 decks at the Future Perfect Synergy studios, built in four movements, and moving at a breakneck pace, this one is a smasher no matter how you slice it. It features the lovely JoJo on the intro.

Download, Feel dirty.

Live Recordings

Everybodies Daddy with MC P - live @ TDotLove
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2014-01-13Drum n' BassShow Tracklist
Daddy touches down with the microphone phenom MC P at Future Perfect Synergy's #TDotLove launch party. Ragga vibes give way to rough grinders, some bass-heavy business, and pretty liquid, before jumping to a sweet finish. Recorded live at Bassline Music Bar on January 11, 2014.

Everybodies Daddy & MC Hi IQ - Live @ Dead World 5
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2013-02-23Drum n' BassShow Tracklist
Detroit's hottest rave gets a whole lot hotter when Everybodies Daddy and MC Hi IQ touch down for a serious drum n' bass set. The set kicks off hot, with some vocal dubwize anthems, then flows into techy liquid sounds, before building into some massive dancefloor bangers, and finishing with a bit of the nasty stuff. Hi IQ is on fire, and 2000 ravers bring the noise like whoa.

Anabolic Frolic & MCED - Live @ Hullabaloo!
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2004-09-18Happy HardcoreShow Tracklist
Recorded live in front of a capacity crowd at Hullabaloo: Drift on a Dream. Toronto's Happy Hardcore legend Anabolic Frolic drops a blazing set 'longside MC Everybodies Daddy. This went down as one of the finest sets that Frolic played in the final years of Hullabaloo.

More live sets are available for purchase at:

MC Everybodies Daddy

Tranzit ft. MC Everybodies Daddy - Dirty
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2013-02-28Hardcore & Drum n' BassShow Tracklist
It's that moment on the dancefloor when the DJ throws an unexpected nasty breakdown at you. It grabs you by the eardrums and you dance like it's the only thing that exists. When you're a sweaty, exhausted, breathless mess, you turn to your crew and say 'my god that was so... dirty!'

Tranzit & Everybodies Daddy - Bass, Love & Unity
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2012-07-24UK Hardcore & DnBShow Tracklist
{A hundred hours in the studio for one in the spotlight)

As 2011 wound down, we found our grizzled old selves rejuvenated by Toronto’s newest rave generation, and inspired to create. We resolved to do more of what we do best – smashing up your speakers with the dirtiest tunes we can find. Between the two of us, we’ve put out dozens of studio albums, tens of thousands of miles on the road touring, and have over 20 years of rocking crowds on the biggest stages in North America behind us. This is our first album since 2005, and it’s built to be a showcase of everything the scene means to us.

Bass. We like our baselines even dirtier than we like our women. If that’s possible.

Love. This mix is a token of our appreciation to all of our supporters over the years.

Unity. Hardcore & drum n’ bass, upfront & anthems, new & old, vinyl & vocals.

We hope you like it. See you on the dancefloor.

Da Lollipop Kids & MC Everybodies Daddy - Bordercore
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2012-10-26UK HardcoreShow Tracklist
An upfront blend of UK Hardcore tunes, including tons of originals from DJ Nobody, and up & coming producer that makes up 1/2 of DLK. This mix is overlaid with some brand new rhymes from MCED, and a few classics just for the hell of it. Turn it up louuuuuuud!!!