Everybodies Daddy Nocturnal Commissions ShimamuraA grizzled veteran of the drum n' bass & hardcore scenes, Everybodies Daddy has been on the case since 1999. Initially known as an MC in Toronto's vibrant underground, he quickly became known behind the decks for his high energy sets and slamming track selection. He has headlined shows across the northeast, including stops in New York City, Detroit, Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Ottawa. He has played for crowds of thousands at some of the biggest local jams alongside an encyclopaedic list of world-class talent.

As a DJ, his studio mixes have torn up speakers worldwide. His mixes are more than just a random lucky accident - they're a musical storyline, designed & tweaked to toy with your emotions. He prides himself on weaving together tracks from several different genres of music, and several different styles of drum n' bass. He's not shy to blend oldschool, jump up, ragga, breakbeat hardcore, dubstep, and a bit of the nasty stuff in a way that's notorious for dancefloor mayhem. He credits Mr. Brown, Capital J & Spinz, No Left Turn, and DJ Wolf as his biggest influences, and for getting him started on the decks. His live sets are dancefloor destroyers, with track selections spanning nearly 20 years of jungle music. In 2013 he picked up a residency with Detroit's Hardcore 313, as well as an affiliation with the Konkrete Jungle family, which should see him spreading the vibe all over North America and the rest of the world in the coming year.

As an MC, he's infamous. Not shy to get down and perform right in the crowd, sometimes with Jager-infused results. On the case since 1999, and known for his electric stage presence. The Raving Eye dubbed him North America's top Hardcore MC. He mixes staccato freestyles with slick, meaningful rhymes like few others do, making his sound instantly recognizable. His studio albums 'longside Toronto's quick-mixing mash-up king, DJ Tranzit, are wildly popular all over the world, pulling in critical acclaim from as far afield as Japan, the UK and Poland. Everybodies Daddy is a regular fixture with some of Toronto's top promoters, including Nocturnal Commissions and Daydream Productions. He holds down a residency with Detroit's finest - Hardcore 313, and  New York City's electric Ravers Only Candyball events. Most famously, he was a resident of Toronto's legendary Hullabaloo!, as well as ICantStopRaving, SHX Productions, Biohazard, and ONdaFLY in years past.

As an originating mind behind the Future Perfect Synergy, he threw a variety of successful events, including multi-room parties and festival stages. FPS also gave back to the community by throwing several charity benefits, and stages at Teknival festivals deep in the Canadian hinterland.

Everybodies Daddy HullabalooThe winter of 2013 should see his first ever UK appearances, alongside his long-time partner in crime, DJ Tranzit. When spring starts to turn to summer, expect to see Daddy at some truschool music festivals in Europe and North America.

A new mixtape is in the works, which will feature something the Toronto jungle scene has never heard before. Also in the works is another studio album with DJ Tranzit, production collaborations with top DJ and vocal talent from all over the world, and possibly a return to event promotion. Who knows what dreams may come?