Everybodies Daddy & MC Hi IQ - Full Circle

As many of you know, I've been toiling away on my latest mix for about six months now, and last week I finally put the finishing touches on my part of the project. It's now in the hands of one of my favourite MCs - Philly's own Hi IQ - for the vocal treatment. I really have no idea what he's going to lay down on top of it, but rest assured, it'll be crazy good.

So, now that I'm free to bask in the afterglow of creativity (that's a lie - this mix was actually the most frustrating one I've made in 10 years on the decks - I'm so relieved to have it done), and while we wait for its official release on February 23rd at Dead World 5 in Detroit, here's a little background on what underlies this project.

Full Circle

dara full circleThe original idea was simple enough - make a mix that loops back on itself, so it can be put on repeat, and played over and over and over. I designed it in four parts, with four separate moods, each inspired by a different phase of my raving & performing career. The title is part descriptive, and part a shout out to DJ Dara's 1997 mix of the same name - that was the first DnB CD I ever owned, and I think I wore out the laser on my CD player listening to it. He had a gorgeous track selection, and mixed them together so smoothly and subtly that you get lost in the journey, and once you reach the end you're not quite sure how you got there. More on this a little later on.

The cover art is being painted by a talented Toronto artist.

Part 1: Lively

This part sets the tone and grabs attention with fast-moving, bouncy tunes. I'm trying to capture the feeling of my first few parties, where I wasn't quite sure what was going on, but I knew I loved it. It's a shoutout to ragga jungle & dancehall - the origins, heart and soul of drum n' bass.

Part 2: Deep

Next we smooth things out a little, and get down to some serious liquid business. The mixing gets longer and gentler, and the tunes get downright pretty. It's a shout out to the influence that Dara's mix had on my musical tastes, and to those 4 am sets that were islands of clarity in our wildest of nights.

Part 3: Wild

Speaking of which, I would be remiss if I didn't pay respect to my true love in breakbeat - jump-up jungle. There was a time when I played all jump-up, all set - and though my ability to build a set has evolved leaps and bounds since then, I'll never forget my roots. Big builds, big double-drops, hectic mixing, and serious gut-rumbling basslines FTW.

Part 4: Nostalgic

Drum n' bass has been around long enough now that we can wax poetic about the years gone by, but I'd much rather serve up some legit classics in new ways, and pay the good times forward to the latest generation. A trip down memory lane for the oldschoolers, an education for the newschoolers, mashed up on three decks for the trueschoolers.

All this, and the rough, grimy, dark metal & hip-hop driven lyrics of Hi IQ over top. Here's hoping it finds a regular spot in your playlist rotation.

Those who buy the VIZ (Very Important Zombie) pack for Dead World will get the first opportunity to hear this, and the free download will be up in the audio section here the following week.