Well, I finally did it.

That's what she said.


Yes, I've finally caved and joined the internet revolution. They have it on computers now, you know. It was an adventure getting here. First there was a protracted legal battle with a cybersquatter, a brief incident involving two girls from Albany and their pet llama, and... well... I had to write this post. Taking my own virginity.

Reminds me of my first time.

So, this is your one stop-shop for mixes, videos, upcoming events, a reviews and pics from past shows. Take a bit to poke around and peruse all things me, then bookmark it and come back to marvel at me again and again. Tell your friends too. Yeah. Don't tell your parents though. They're not my type.

That's a lie.

In other news, I'm in the studio, weaving together a new mix that should be out soon. Expect much smashers cover to cover, and as always, a few classics for the oldschoolers. You know who you are, James.

See you soon, eh?

<3 Daddy