Top 10 - April, 2011

Irie, here's what's been blowing up my speakers of late - my top 10 new tunes, in order. Go buy them if you want to be more like me. Beaucoup dubwize and ragga in this list, with a little jump up for flava.

  1. I Need A Dollar - Wildlife Collective
  2. Get That Girl - TC
  3. Champion Lover - Deekline & Ed Solo
  4. Sugar Me (Original Mix) - Deekline & Ed Solo featuring Simon M
  5. Chip off the Iceberg - Bobosaw
  6. Born Again (Serial Killaz Rmx) - Rebel MC & Tenor Fly
  7. Girls Girls - Mark Instinct feat Messinian
  8. Deception - Jaydan
  9. In For the Kill - Tea Leaf
  10. To the Top (Original Dub Mix) - Dubversion

Before you even ask, yes, there's a little dubstep in there. I find it hard to resist things that are as dirty as the girls I go out with. Just put on your bassface and enjoy it for all its filthy goodness.

I can't promise monthly lists, 'cos I'm so picky with my choonage that I doubt I could put out a legit list every month.... but I'll do it from time to time for shizzle.

<3 - Daddy

Classic mixes now up!

Check it, we all know you're here for the music. Hell, that's why I'm here too. I've put up links to well over 7 hours of music in the Mixes/Audio Section that you simply need to hear. Four of my biggest & baddest studio sets dating back to 2005, and three live MC sets where you can feel the crazy energy through your speakers. Om nom nom!


In other news, here's a tune I've been in love with ever since I bought it, just to give you an idea of the 'tings I'm feeling these days. You'll want to be standing up for this one...


 <3 - Daddy