Daddy's home!!!!

After three years in lovely Ottawa, I'm back in Toronto... but first:

Gone Fishin'.

Don't wait up.

Top 10 - June 2011

The most recent shopping "trip" has been one of more specialized tunes than general purpose stuff - meaning I've gone looking for stuff to transition between the monster tunes I've been stocking up with over the past months. There are quite a few gems that'll be on display in the new mix. Enjoy!!!!

  1. Serial Killaz - Good Enough
  2. Dubversion - Robot Funk
  3. Mystical Sound feat. Keri Greenaway - Running in the Night
  4. Box Bottom - Bounce n Boom
  5. Divize Shookz feat Jah Screechy - Walk N Skank (rmx.)
  6. 16AJ - Warning (rmx.)
  7. DJ Dusty - Scream
  8. Emalkay - When I Look at You (dubstep)
  9. Brookes Brothers - In Your Eyes (dubstep)
  10. Friction vs. Camo & Crooked feat. Dynamite MC - Stand Up 

Now, google them and entertain yourself with .gifs of animals being dicks whilst you listen.


Need a name for the new mix...

So, I've been working diligently in the studio doing the sequencing and all that background work that makes a good mixtape all slick & sexy... and trust me, this one is sexy as seventy-three distinct and unique kinds of fuck. Yes, that's right. I used "fuck" as a noun. It's allowed. I saw it on a t-shirt once.

So, now my mind turns to things like title and cover art.

For the title I'm looking for something that reflects my return to Toronto, playing out, and touring... any suggestions?

The cover art will be a little... classier than usual.

You can expect a vocal-heavy track selection, rolling basslines, and some oldschool flavah for the oldschool ravahs. Normally I don't give a preview, but since I've used this track in a mix before, I figure why not? Behold, Exhibit A:

DJ Zinc feat. MC GQ - Bring the Danger - True Playaz

Two months out from Candyball....

Shall we reminisce?

Candyball, Ravers in the Caribbean - NYC, USA. Ravers Only packed 1200 people inside Club Exit, and it was absolute mayhem from start to finish. I was the first international headliner of the night, and dropped a set of 50/50 drum n' bass & UK hardcore. MC Casper from the UK, and MC Hi-IQ out of Pittsburgh went off like bombs on the mic, and the crowd was mad for it.

Unfortunately the recording didn't turn out, but I managed to salvage enough to lay over this video. The tracks on this one are Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Skumbag Rip ---> YT's England Story.

Mad love. <3