Memory lane.... Hullabaloo

Every now and then, I like to take a trip down memory lane. The musical memories, the wild times we had, and the sunrises we walked outside to... back when we used to beat the night. The Hullabaloo residency was one of my high points so far. The opportunity to reach a big, worldwide crowd live, and then relive those nights through top quality audio recordings. Fantastic.

Even with all that multitrack recording, I'm still a sucker for those videos that capture the essence of those moments in time. This one is particularly fun. The last Hullabaloo ever - the reunion party - One More Group Hug - was a packed house. Scratchmaster DJ Wolf and I drew the 10-11 pm slot, a warmup set, and the energy in the crowd was palpable. I have no idea who shot this video clip, but I can feel the pent up energy in the room when I watch it. Everyone showed up psyched, and were absolutely mad for it along the way. To me, this video drips with the potential of a night not yet lived.

Enjoy. <3

Video clip from TRR6