Silver1 & MCED live @ Hullabaloo! Lost in Space (2005)

The second last Hullabaloo was one for the ages. The end had been announced a few months before, and the events had counted down slowly, with each drawing more and more party people out of the woodwork. Lost in Space was a tribute to Hulla's golden age, with residents from yesteryear, and those who saw it through its Opera House era stocking the bill.

Tickets sold out in the span of three or four days after tickets went on sale, the lineup was around the block by the time the doors opened. Tickets were rumoured to be going for $100 outside. You know the party's tight when there's a vibe in the line.

With Toronto's Opera House jammed to capacity, and everyone prepared for an amazing night, the rave didn't disappoint. Happy / Gabber crossover king Scott Brown dropped a face-melting set, followed up with Anabolic Frolic with his final up-front Hulla set (the set at the last jam was sure to be pure nostalgia). Frisky, D-Minus, NoFrills, Euphonic, Spice, and the incomparable Marty McFly each brought their own brand of energy, and showed why they ruled the roost for so many years.

Silver1, Frolic's long-time partner in the HappyHourRadio broadcasts, was known for high-energy, bass driven track selection. He & Daddy were a frequent pairing at Hulla, and this night was possibly one of their best. The crowd was mad for it, the mixing and rhymes were tight, and... well, the rest you'll just have to hear for yourself.

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