Bass, Love & Unity Summer Tour is Growing by the Week!

I'm excited to announce another highly secretive show this spring in Toronto! The promoter, venue, and headliners must remain shrouded in secrecy and wrapped in a soft tortilla of enigma right now. Ttrust me when I say, this will be something that hasn't been seen in the Toronto scene in quite some time. It's locked down for June 16, 2012 in downtown Toronto. Watch the events section for details!

In other news, the Bass, Love & Unity summer tour is picking up steam, with a tentative return to one of my favourite party places on earth in the works, and the groundwork being laid for a genre-hopping studio mix 'longside DJ Tranzit to showcase some new tunage, new rhymes, and maybe a little shout out to the oldschool heads to boot.

As always, it's an exciting time to be me.


NEW MIX!!!! Everybodies Daddy - Tragic Hero

After several years in exile, Everybodies Daddy has returned to the western hemisphere's spiritual home of drum n' bass. It has been nearly five years since he released his last studio mix. Much has changed over the years, but a great story, told in music, never grows old. This mix is in five acts, following the rise & fall plotline of classic tragedy, a storytelling device dating back to the poet Horace in 18 BC.

Download Here!!!

Right Click, Save As, lighters up, rinse, repeat as necessary


MC Frequency

Act I: The Exposition

1. Deekline & Ed Solo - Champion Lover
---- Spinback & Mallards feat. MC Ruff – Babylon Time
2. The Wildlife Collective - Bad Bwoy
3. The Wildlife Collective - I Need a Dollar
4. Isaac Maya - Ring di Alarm
5. Serial Killaz - Good Enough
6. Deekline & Ed Solo feat. Sugar Minnot - Sugar Me

Act II: The Complication

7. Shy FX feat. Kano, Nonaeo & Roses Gabor - Raver (Benny Page rmx)
8. Devize Shookz feat. Jah Screechy F- Walk n' Skank
9. DJ Zinc feat. MC GQ - Bring the Danger
10. Capital J - New & Improved

Act III: The Turning Point

11. Dub FX - Soothe Your Pain
12. Tea Leaf - In for the Kill
13. Dubversion - To the Top
14. Mystical Sound feat. Keri Greenaway - Running in the Night
15. Dubversion - Bubble and Burn
16. Dubversion - Robot Funk

Act IV: The Consequence

17. Raz - It's Painful
18. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Close
19. Alter Ego - Coming Back VIP
20. Friction vs. Camo & Crooked feat. Dynamite MC - Stand Up
21. Adam F feat. Redman – Shut the Lights Off
22. DJ jEpH & D-Syfa – The Roof is on Fire

Act V: Denoument

23. Rack & Ruin feat Navigator & Slarta John – Territory (Pixel Fist vocal mix)
24. Noisia - Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik rmx)
25. Bobosaw - Chip off the Iceberg (Hellfire Machina mix)
26. Defkline & Red Polo - Taking It Back
27. Dope Ammo - 92 Flavaz
28. The Ratpack - Brothers & Sisters

Special thanks to DJ Dainja at Rush Delivery for the mastering.

Want more Daddy? Get more Daddy! Check out Everybodies Daddy on the web for more free mixes, live sets, the latest news, and upcoming shows at:!/errbodiesdaddy

Dedicated to Rob & Jessie. Keep smiling.


Detroit, Michigan - June 23 - Hardcore 313

The Bass, Love & Unity U.S. summer tour with Tranzit & Everybodies Daddy hasn't even been officially announced yet, and we're already ready to rock two big dances! On June 23, 2012, Daddy will be touching down in Detroit, Rave City, for the first time ever! I've heard fantastic things about the scene there, and the same goes for the promoters at Hardcore 313.

Full details soon come. Watch the Events section of the site for details, or follow me on Facebook (<------) for all the latest news. Blap blap blap!


First U.S. Gig Since 2010 - May 11 - Rochester, NY

I've got a soft spot in my heart for Rochester. It was the scene of several of my first U.S. gigs, full of so many wicked party people, talented DJs & MCs, and brimming over with hospitality for Tdot headliners. Not to mention that y'all kept our scene vibrant for so many years with your epic weekend adventures. Now it's time for another epic weekend adventure of my own, as I join some slammin' DJs from Toronto in rocking your town once more.

Rapture v.3.0: Intergalactic Takeover

Friday, May 11, a drum n' bass DJ set, plus a headline MC set. It g'wan be mayhem.

Keep tabs on the Events section, or the Facebook page for full details.


Featured on DJ Tranzit's latest mix!


Another grizzled Tdot veteran, and my partner in crime for nearly 8 years as part of the Future Perfect Synergy, DJ Tranzit has at long last released a new mix. Starting 2012 off right, and on a mission to put more far-flung locales under his belt than ever, this new mix is blazing. How blazing? Glad you asked. 56 tracks in 74 minutes blazing. Right click, save target as, and hold on tight.

Download Here

Oh, and an intro courtesy of yours truly, as befits the occasion.


DJ Shimamura (Japan) with MC Everybodies Daddy!!!

Nocturnal Commissions is one of the top promotion companies in this great city for a reason. Well, for several reasons. They've dropped a string of successful events built around the best headliners in the business, and this next (dubiously named) installment will be no exception. Without further ado, I give you:


Toronto, Ontario - May 20, 2012 - 9 pm - ??


The undisputed king of Japanese hardcore, Shimamura is known around the world for his incredible energy, his Bastard Pop remixes, and his vocal-driven hardcore anthems. Nocturnal Commissions is proud and excited to share his intense hardcore with you for his first ever Canadian appearance!



The Toronto legend has returned to the city, and makes a long-overdue rush hour appearance. Armed with a stack of slick new rhymes, and bursting with energy, Daddy's ready to rock a crowd like only he can. Whistle crew, lighter crew, raving crew, brace yourselves for this one!!

JB-C [UK] w/ MC OBIE [UK] Essential Platinum

Nocturnal Commissions has consistently worked to find break-out new acts as they climb to the top of the charts, bringing fresh faces to the hardcore scene like Joey Riot, Mike Vapour and Prospect . That’s why, when we saw JB-C perform at HTID In The Sun last year, we knew we had to get him over here straight away to share his distinct blend of upfront hardcore with the best ravers in the world you!

SaiyanCanadian Hardcore Collective,

Xphox b2b TempestNocturnal Commissions,

ad hocNocturnal Commissions,

DynamicNocturnal Commissions, Occupy Wall Street

MCs: Obie [UK], Everybodies Daddy, Dynamic

Full event listing including venue, ticket info on the event page, and on the NC website and Facebook pages.