Newww Yoorrrrrrk!

Pardon the Alicia Keys impression, but I can barely contain my excitement. At long last, after nearly three years away from the city that never sleeps, it looks like Daddy will be making a return to one of the greatest places on the planet. The Bass, Love & Unity summer tour is sure to hit a crescendo in September, dropping in 'longside some heavyweight talent from the UK & Canada.

I can't friggin' wait to unleash the details when everything is locked down, but rest assured this event will be a monster. Book the week off of work, it'll be one of those... nights.

Watch the Events Section for full details as soon as they're released!


June 16 - Daydream and TEC - I'm On A Boat!!

Following hot on the heels of their smashingly successful "Heart of Gold" party that rocked the Opera House like so few can, Daydream Productions has teamed up with The Toronto Electronic Collective to present some mayhem on the high seas... well... Lake Ontario. This is the first Hardcore-centric boat cruise I've heard of, and let me tell you, I intend on rocking that boat!

So grab your swim trunks, and your flippy-floppies, and get ready for a night of sick beats and hard droppies! Your lovely cruise ship for this monumental event is the legendary River Gambler, fresh from a fancy renovation. Boarding starts at 9pm, and the boat departs right at 10pm, so don’t be late! This event is all ages, and will come equipped with a fully stocked bar, along with an area to buy food to keep you nourished.


Dynamic vs. Saiyan w/ MC Everybodies Daddy
Marcus Visionary
Marty McFly b2b Capital J
Mr. Brown
JD Mack
Rolls Royce

and of course, everybody's favourite Daydreamer,

Captain Flyboy!

Tickets will be available at Shanti Baba (546 Queen Street West) and at www.daydreamproductions.ca until around 4:00pm the day of the event. Space is limited so don't delay! Tickets will be $40.00 advance, and may be available at the pier the evening of the event as well. Boarding will be at Pier 29, 333 Lakeshore Blvd East.

Check the Facebook event page, or the events section of my site for more details!

Get your towels ready, it's about to go down!