Candyball 10: Raved & Confused - 29 Sept in NYC!!!!

candyball raved confused new york nyc ballroom ravers onlyLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, party people of all ages, I'm happy to announce the close-out stop on the Bass, Love & Unity US Summer Tour - Ravers Only's Candyball 10: Raved & Confused!

Smoke has all kinds of mayhem and madness planned for this one, in an 1800 capacity venue in New York City! Be sure to check the full details on the event page, as there's a LOT to take in - including the fact that anyone flying in for the party need only show their boarding pass, and you get in for free!

For those of you who've never been to a Candyball, it's about as big as it gets in North America. Huge lineup, crazy crowds, and all-out four-on-the-floor raving madness until the break of dawn. This will be my seventh appearance in NYC, and my first in a couple of years.

Watch for DJ Tranzit and I to bring a whole new bag of tricks to the jam. I'm also stoked to have another chance to go back to back with the illustrious MC High IQ... his gruff, hip-hop influenced  style meshes beautifully with my obnoxious yelling, if ya dan kno!

Hydrate, get a good meal, and plan for an epic night. Don't wait up.

'Nuff said.


So much love!!!

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