I was on a Boat!

I never thought I'd be on a boat. Well, that's a lie, I spend a fair bit of time on boats. But I was on a boat. At a wicked party. On a boat. You get the idea.

Daydream and TEC's "I'm on a Boat" jam was everything I've come to expect from them. The lineup was smashing, the kids were mad for it, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful! The River Gambler was a great setting, the weather was perfect, and we set sail on a sea of beats! I had a friggin' blast working with the Missile Posse, Dynamic & Saiyan for a little 'ardcore mayhem, Jakazid all the way from the UK, and even a wee bit with the Toronto legend Marcus Visionary.

Even with all the mayhem upstairs, I don't think I enjoyed a set more than Capital J & Marty McFly back to back on 4 decks. They sent a message to all laptop DJs about what DJing really is. What a beaut! Shouts to Mr. Brown and MC Frequency for a solid set to cast us off. Mr. Brown is too good to play that early, but set the tone beautifully.

Shouts out to all the oldschoolers I linked up with - Athena, Jesse, Brittany, J, Marty, Marcus, James, among others. Massive shouts to the new friends who reached out on Facebook to say hi - Emily, Kinchy, Aimee, Paul, Mike & Shelby. Big up yourselves, look forward to seeing you again... and of course, the usual suspects - Shane, xphox, JD Mack, Timmy, Caitlin and the rest! Much love!