DJ Tranzit & Everybodies Daddy - Bass, Love & Unity

The scene? The pub.

The players? Myself and DJ Tranzit.

So, there we were putting back pints, years and years passed since our last studio album, plotting ways to sneak into your hearts again. After brief consideration of bribery, singing telegrams, and free girl-on-girl porn for all, we settled on the direct route - music. We hope you think it's a fine choice, as we present to you:

everybodies daddy tranzit bass love unity

This mix is a showcase of our latest and greatest. It starts off with some blazing upfront UK hardcore, quickmixed by DJ Tranzit on 3 decks, and laced with Daddy's hottest new rhymes. Daddy takes control of the decks for the second part with some silky smooth dnb, building into some big older dancefloor anthems. Tranzit takes back over to cap it off with some forgotten anthems, featuring a few of Daddy's classic rhymes to boot.

'Nuff said. Listening time!

Download Here!