New collaboration in the works!

da lollipop kidz dlkAlright, I'm mad excited for this announcement. Lately it just seems that my pen has been overflowing with sick new rhymes - love songs, party bangers, and songs of protest in particular - and even old verses that I scratched down 10 years ago are finding their place in them. There's so much, in fact, that I'm about ready to drop 'em on a new album. Since Tranzit is such a crotchety old grandpa, I figured I'd give him a little breathing space to prepare his next 3-deck masterpiece.

Columbus Ohio's duo Da Lollipop Kidz are part of the newest wave of the North American hardcore movement. They've been on the case for years, slaving away behind the decks, promoting events, and with their monthly radio show on Ohio Hardcore. One of them, DJ Nobody, has been crushing out remixes and original tunes at an alarming rate these days, and has found himself signed to JB Recordings out of the UK. On top of the serious skills, they've been long time friends and supporters. So, I approached them about putting together a little project for special release at Candyball in NYC on September 29th.

No working title or even concept yet, but rest assured it will be full of sick new tunes and never-before-heard rhymes. You'll be able to get your copy at Candyball, or watch this space for the link to the free download.

So, put your hands up high for the trueschool DJs /
with the mixing so tight it leaves you grinning for days


August, 2012 Top 10 List

This edition of the top-10 list is stacked with pretty dubwize & ragga tunes, plus a few grinders from the illustrious Dub Phizix and Tdot's own Rene Lavice. There are also three, count 'em, three filthy new remixes of classic tunes. Listen, learn, educate yourself.

A lot of these tunes I bought as bridges between different genres, as I'm working on a different kind of project for my next mix. It'll be interesting to see how it all falls together. Without further gilding the lily, I give you:


  1.   Hustler (feat YT - UK jungle mix) - Killa Tingz
  2.   Gunshot (feat Darrison & Rodney P) - Dub Pistols
  3.   Five On It - JFB
  4.   Walk Away from Love - Isaac Maya
  5.   Brigante Life (Dope Ammo & Benny Page rmx) - Biga Ranx
  6.   Never Been - Dub Phizix feat. Fox
  7.   Champion DJ (Serial Killaz rmx) - Rebel MC & Top Cat
  8.   Dank - Rene Lavice
  9.   Tequila Sunrise - JFB
  10.   Bomber - Loadstar


You can listen to and download the whole list from my freshly minted (and first) chart on Juno Downloads. First of many, I hope.