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November 10 - NC's TRR7!!!

Ladies and gentlemen (and those classifying themself as "other"), it's that time of year again. The cool fall weather descends on us, and our thoughts turn to warming ourselves by dancing like mad and screaming our fucking heads off to the baddest beats this side of the Mason-Dixon line. The best part? YOU get to choose the beats!

Everybodies Daddy TRR7 Nocturnal Commissions Rave

The crew at Nocturnal Commissions have outdone themselves on this one, assembling one of the biggest lineups that Toronto's seen in a long fucking time. Seven top-tier UK headliners dropping 6 massive sets.

I will be dropping a big bad drum n' bass set in the second room, which I've already started buying dancefloor destroyers for. Don't believe me? Check out my August Top 10 list and see for yourself.

DJ Dynamic will be playing the all-request set that's the namesake of this jam. The Total Request set is absolute mayhem, and it starts well before the party with the online voting of what tunes you want to hear. The most popular tunes make it into the showdown. The first 400 ravers at the party get a yellow and pink glowstick to vote with. As each track comes up, you get to choose between two options for what the next track will be. Total Request, Total Fun, Total Exhaustion.

Do. Not. Miss. This.

Everybodies Daddy Total Request Rave TRR7 Nocturnal Commissions

Tickets can be purchased for $35 from:
Toronto: Shanti Baba (546 Queen Street West) and the Nocturnal Commissions booth
Ottawa: NRML (184 Rideau Street)
Rochester: Record Archive (33 ? Rockwood Street)
Door price: $45

Watch the Events section of the site for any updates, and mark your attendance on Facebook.

Nocturnal Commissions: Community review

Many thanks to the dedicated crew over at Nocturnal Commissions for another beautiful night of music. I had the luxury of attending just to dance, mingle, and hand out a few of the last remaining copies of my Tragic Hero mix. It had all of the usual NC tricks - luminous deco, surprised headliner (see below!), free fruit & freezies, friendly security, and bangin' sound & lights. This time also saw them put together rave books for the kids who weren't around when we used to do that back in the day, and orchestrate a gift exchange, for which I brought a hideous leopard print cowboy hat... that some Americans would call cheetah print, but I digress.

jimni cricket nocturnal commissions community raveSet of the night was definitely the surprise headliner - the lovely Ms. Jimni Cricket out of Seattle. Big tunes, big bass, and some scratching badness, wrapped up in a bundle of positive energy that had the crowd going off. Arizona's DJ Rize won serious points for amping the energy level, and Nefti's rave breaks set inspired some serious jungle style dance moves. Actually, what really struck me about the crowd is just how good the dancing was. Apparently Tdot has moved past the standing and bopping/minor shuffling phase, and has gotten back to seeeerious rinseouts. Mad respect!

Much love goes out to the new friends I made throughout the night and the weekend - Jimini, Rize, Madeline, Sam, Tom, Carli, Peter Plurtastik and Lina are the names that survived the beer-soaked haze that passes for my short term memory. It was a pleasure to run into George, Aimee, Tranzit, Xphox, Liz, Snow, and Caitlin throughout the night. Special love going out to my fellow old fogeys - Dakota Barnes & Steve Surreal. B'oh! A million thanks to Dynamic and the whole NC crew who run 'tings properly. Big big big event coming up November 10th, so keep your eyes on the prize for the full details, soon come!