Da Lollipop Kids & MC Everybodies Daddy - Bordercore

lollipop kids everybodies daddy bordercoreDa Lollipop Kids - Beatz4Brainz & DJ Nobody - out of Columbus, Ohio - have been long-time friends & supporters. It also happens that DJ Nobody is one my favourite up & coming UK Hardcore producers in the U.S. (and recently signed to JB Recordings in the UK). I first got to know them when they brought Tranzit & I down to headline their first party a few years back. With DJ Nobody's tracks hitting it big on Trackitdown's sales charts, there's no better time for a showcase album from these two nutbars.

Add to that a lyric book that's positively overflowing with new material, and it makes for a perfect time for a cross-border collaboration.

Twenty tracks, blended back-to-back by the lads, seasoned with five brand new rhymes and a couple of old favourites, 63 minutes of breakneck hardcore mayhem, a sombrero, a 40 of rye, an ill-timed pizza delivery, and maybe even a little of the usual drunken recording session jackassery went into this mix. It's a labour of love, and we hope you like it!

A million thank-yous to DJ Dainja at Rush Delivery for his work mastering the vocals!


  1. The Most Annoying Sound in the World- Sy & Unknown
    --- E.D. "Love & Lust & Happiness"
  2. Bass Bitch- Andy Vilo & X-A7T (Pinnacle remix)
  3. Waiting- Squad E
  4. Go To Sleep- Nobody (Out Now On JB Recordings)
    --- E.D. "My Path"
  5. Live Forever- Technikore & JTS ft. Alan Booth
  6. Hot Right Now- Karlston Khaos vs Sub Criminal & Dirty Riff
  7. Show Me the Way- Dougal, Gammer, & JBC ft. Jenna
    --- E.D. Untitled - 2003
  8. Eternity- Technikore ft. Mark Slammer (Joey Riot vs Tom Revolution Remix)
  9. You U Eye I- Squad-E vs Dougal & Gammer
    --- E.D. "To the Top"
  10. Blue Sky- DJ 3star
  11. Taste of Ibiza- Squad E & DJC
  12. Walking DeadCore- Nobody (OUT NOW on JB Recordings)
  13. Finish Him- S3rl (Nobody Remix OUT NOW on JB Recordings)
    --- E.D. "Fall Affair"
  14. Under the Stars (2012 Update)- Sy & Unknown
    --- E.D. "What You Want"
  15. Guiding Light- Squad E & Klubfiller
  16. Always Gonna Be This Way- Nobody ft. Hyperforce (Forthcoming JB Recordings)
  17. Good For me- Re-con & Klubfiller
    --- E.D. "Freak"
  18. Satellite- Darren Styles
  19. Pretty Green Eyes- Ultrabeat (Hoodzie remix)
    --- E.D. "Don't Think About It"
  20. Fade Into Darkness- Anon (Nobody Remix Forthcoming JB Recordings)

Dowload Here! (88.5 mb/192 kb/s)


Da Lollipop Kids: Facebook, Twitter

DJ Nobody: Facebook, Twitter

Beatz4Brainz: Twitter


October 2012 - Top 10 List!

I've been stocking up on dancefloor bangers & transition tunes of late, preparing for some big big dances coming soon, and also working on a new studio mix to drop early in the new year, if all goes well. Here's my first Trackitdown top 10 list:

A Tribute to Kiel Caesar

A year has passed since Kiel Caesar, a talented up & coming jungle MC out of Ottawa passed away. I'm honoured to be spinning at this jam, and excited to make my long overdue return to Ottawa, where I spent 3 years of my life.

It was kind of funny playing sets with Caesar on the mic, because he was of the generation that grew up on my mixtapes, and was a big supporter over the years, so he'd get super excited to perform with me. I dont know if he ever knew that I was happy to work with an MC of his talent & potential.

I rabmle. The promoter says it best:


MC Kiel Caesar Tribute DnbAs many of your are Aware, a really amazing friend to all of us past away last year on December 15th. ♥

Since Kiel passed away, there has been not one day that passes where someone doesn't mention his name. It has been pretty hard on all of us, and this has taught us all - many, many life lessons that we should all share and continue to follow. ♥

On December 14th, starting at 9pm. I would love for us all to get together, Smash out some heavy tunes, and Raise a toast at Midnight, followed by a moment of silence so we can all remember Kiel for the awesome bro he was to us all! ♥

Although he is gone, his smile, spirit and friendship still lives on through all of us. I know this is going to be an extremely emotional and supportive night for us, so it would be amazing to all be together and dance the night away just like Kiel would want us to! ♥

There is no cover charge to get into the event (it's free) but there will be a donations box there to help out the Caesar family. ♥ 

Let's Make this MASSIVE CREW! ♥ ♥

DJ Love Hz - Toronto

Everybodies Daddy - Toronto

Dj Animal - Toronto

Mugz - Ottawa
Dj JD - Ottawa
Sarcastro - Ottawa
with Live Art by Sarah Doll

~One Love~

'Nuff said. Event's free. Full details on the Facebook page or Events Section.
See you there.

Candyball Video Blog!

Soundtrack Courtesy of Alex Prospect & Becci - "We Like It Loud"


November 9 - SPACE INVADERS - Epiphany Entertainment

epiphany space invaders everybodies daddy rave

I'm crazy excited to make my first appearance at an Epiphany event. As much fun as it is to smash up a big dance like a Candyball, NC or Daydream, it's the intimate jams that bring me back to my roots. I cut my teeth on the tight jams back in the day, and it's a wonderful chance to get to know the ravers that keep the scene vibrant.

Celebrating their first full year of throwing some rather some unconventional events with solid lineups of locals, the occasional international headliner, and showcasing a broad spectrum of electronic music, they're developing quite the rabit following.

Their anniversary party is billed as a Total Request Rave 7 preparty, and features New York's DJ Starkiss, whom I had the pleasure of working with as he smashed out a great closing set at Candyball. Much of the TRR7 talent should be in attendance, so it's a chance to get up close & personal with some of your favourite DJs & MCs. There will be vodka & vinyl giveaways, a costume contest, and we have been promised surprises galore. Let's kick this epic weekend off properly! It's a 19+ event.

Also, Daydream Productions are throwing a streetcar-borne preparty on November 10th, if you haven't crammed enough rave into your Remembrance Day weekend.

Check the Events Section of the site or the Facebook page for the full details. B'oh!


Crushing Candyball: Raved & Confused!!!

Wow, what an incredible & exhausting weekend in New York City! Ravers Only & The Positivians packed 1500 amped-up ravers into the NYC Arena for one unforgettable night, and things did not disappoint.

After a critical grotburger stop, our "spacious limousine" rolled up in front of the venue a little after 10. Genki was laying down a solid set, and the dancefloor was filling in nicely. Tranzit & I owned the 11-12 slot, and we had a few tricks up our sleeves that we were more than a little excited to drop on the crowd. We opened with oldschool anthems (Heart of Gold ftw), since we figured that'd be the last thing y'all expected, then a little of the smashy stuff, and a House of Pain remix that is just delicious.

ravers only candyball raved confused

A lot of the rhymes I dropped during the set were world premieres, including a little call & answer called Lean & Mean which we dropped out of the break. Monster tunes followed - the kind that you can only get away with playing at 11:20 at a party like Candyball. Why the fuck not?

Then, we killed the rave. Then it was resuscitated.

everybodies daddy candyball raved confused hardcore hhcMASSIVE shouts out to the wicked dancers who answered the call to the centre of the dancefloor. Some seeeerious moves among the Candyball crew for sure! We closed with a little Rage Against the Machine - Killing In the Name of - dedicated to all of those who told Smoke that Happy Hardcore would never be successful in New York. Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Much love to the minxes from Pretty Girl Productions and Fire Angels for keeping the vibe on the stage one step above the crowd all set!

We gave away 200 copies of Bass, Love & Unity through the course of the set to all the crazyass motherfuckers nutty enough to come anywhere near those bassbins to bust your moves. Those are the only hard copies of that mix that will ever be made. Hope y'all enjoy 'em.

All the rest of the sets in the main room were off the hinges: Hixxy scratching down bombs like only he can; Alex Prospect dropping MONSTER original tunes with the lovely Becci giving a live performance of We Like It Loud that brought the house down; No Left Turn cracking out home-grown American happy hardcore; and one of my favourite parts of Candyball - going back to back on the mic with Hi IQ, Caspa, Skatty and Jumper in the heart of the dancefloor during Candykid & Starkiss' closing set. The party closed out with the perfect moment - Smoke announcing that the next Candyball will be even bigger! B'oh!!!!

dj tranzit candyball raved confused hardcore hhcLove to all the wicked people I shared moments with through the night. Sipping gin & juice with the legendary Frankie Bones. Clowning around on stage with Rob Gee. Knocking back shots with Lu, Donny & the Detroit crew. Jenn & Dave. The chick with the wicked tattoos I met while pimping CDs in the second room. Ashley Skittles, Dynamic, Sam, Bryna, the chick who loved a paddlin', Chad Beatz4Brainz & Molly, DJ Wulf, Holly & Dave, American Sam... the list goes on.

I have every intention of putting together a video blog of the trip, and a composite video of the set, so watch this space.

From what I can recall of the booze-soaked fragments I call a long-term memory, the weekend as a whole was epic. Some lovely collegiality between many of the performers in painting the town on the nights before and after. Much love going out to MC Jumper, MC Casper, MC Skatty, Alex Prospect & Becci, the ROC Stars, Dynamic, Christine, Eliza & DJ Tranzit for enjoying the city with me! I'm sure our paths will cross again soon, on this side of the Atlantic, or yours. ;-)

The final word is a thank you:

To Smoke & Rob Gee. Class act, start to finish as alway.

Much love. <3