Two new dates to announce!

Just a quick heads-up as to what's coming over the next few months. I'm super excited to announce two fresh new bookings - one to drop lyrical bombs like napalm, going on and on 'til the break of dawn (etc.) - and the other to mix up a bit of the nasty dnb mayhem y'all bitches love so much.

December 31, 2012 - TBA

I've been locked in to MC at Toronto's biggest proper NYE rave - which you can probably guess what it is, though I can't officially announce it until the lineup is released. So, if you're looking to ring in 2013 with Tdot's finest, and shout 'dem lyrics out loud with me, mark your calendar. Full details coming soon!

January 25, 2012 - TBA

Spinning at a proper drum n' bass jam in Tdot for the first time in a while, I'm looking at dropping some filthy dancefloor dubwize and vocal-driven dnb for the massive. It's gonna be a tight jam, with sexy results.

Watch the events section of the site for the full details as they're announced.


Space Invaders & TRR7 Review

Well, it's been a week since that crazy adventure of a weekend tore through our lives. Now I've had some time to get some back story, and to process it all, here's what's come out the other side. It was an up and down and up weekend (and not in the usual way, that I tend to prefer) overall, but mostly positive.

everybodies daddy mc obie epiphany space invadersFriday night was Epiphany Entertainment's official preparty - Space Invaders. This was the first Epiphany party I've had the privilege to play. I've been saying for a while how much I miss playing the small, local jams here, 'cos it's a great chance to get to know the crew, have a few beers, play some tunes and cause a ruckus. A ruckus was caused indeed. It was great to see DJ Virus doing his thing - long one of my favourite turntable technicians for his rock-solid mixing and uplifting track selection. The reverse-birthday set was wild & fun, with Tempest dropping tunes on vinyl, and whoever danced the hardest to each one would get to take the record home with them. Starkiss, the headliner, banged out an energetic set, during which I had the pleasure of going back to back with MC Obie (more on this in the next paragraph). Tempest closed the night in the main room with Obie on the mic, but my drunk ass needed to escape due to early mornings all weekend.

Tagging with the UK's MC Obie was a refreshing experience. It's nice to work with MCs who have something meaningful to say, can communicate & time the back and forth, and have a wicked stage presence. For a man who said "yeah, alright, we'll do this, but I'm not going too hard tonight", he sure did go hard. Mad props to you bruv. Added to that was the double-fisting of bottles of .50 (not my fault they don't sell quarts in Ontario), being constantly molested by a cute/drunk girl or two, and bouncing around with the crowd, it lived up to the Friday night chaos of years gone by.

Saturday night was the main event - Total Request Rave 7 - for which I was booked to spin and to MC. I'd been told on Friday that I was on for either 12 or 1. Things fell off the rails from there. Ginger St. James had come down with bronchitis, and was unable to speak, let alone perform, so she had to cancel. Then I got a panicked message at about 6 pm asking if I could switch to 10, or close the party. Neither of those worked, as I'd planned my life around the later slots, and couldn't abandon foreigners downtown to find their own way to the party, and I had to work at 8 am on Sunday. Around 9 pm, I was told my slot was 11 pm, which I could make (barely). In the car on the way to the venue, at about 10 minutes to 10, I was told that 10 pm was the only slot that would work. We raced across the city to the venue, and got there for 10:40, only to find that someone had awarded himself a 2 hour timeslot, and I wouldn't be spinning at the party at all. Needless to say, I was pissed, but the show must go on.

everybodies daddy trr7 total request rave nocturnal commissionsI stuck around to MC for Al Storm's set, and to host the Total Request set with DJ Dynamic. I must say that Dynamic's set saved the evening for me. It was bouncy, fun, and anthem-filled as always, and the crowd was going off to it, hardcore. It reminded me of years gone by - oodles of positive energy, great vibe, great tunes, and one of the liveliest crowds I've MCed to in a while. Gammer came on and murked it out afterwards, which made me sorry I had to leave - duty calls early on Sundays.

So, the world's biggest apologies to all of you who were hoping to see me spin. I'd spent the past three weeks building a dancefloor-driven set, and I was heartbroken not to be able to share it with you. I talked to a bunch of folks, especially Americans, who'd been looking forward to it for quite some time. Dynamic at NC assures me that they will make it up to me, and he's a man of his word. So, watch this space for the do-over.

Shouts out to Wolf, Frisky, Dainja, Margaret, Lu & Donny, Randy, Brian, David, Katy, Aimee, Madeline, Meredith, Chad & Molly, Opel, Derek, Lucy Ford, Ty, Rush, Kitty, Liane, George, and all the other super fun folks I met whose names escape me. A special kind of love to the Daddy's Girls showing (wonderfully aggressive) love from the front row...

In all, mixed feelings about a wicked weekend, but nothing but love for the crowds who came out to lose their minds to the music. <3

Ginger St. James - Live Performance at TRR7!

ginger st james everybodies daddy total request rave dnbI can't keep this a secret any longer. I was thinking about making the announcement just before my set, but I just can't wait to tell everyone. My set in the second room at TRR7 will feature the first ever live rave performance by the incredible Ms. Ginger St. James.

I saw her perform at a burlesque show in Ottawa a few years back, and I was absolutely floored how this little pixie with a big blue guitar could have such a powerful & expressive voice. We've stayed in touch, and we've got some projects in the works together now - stay tuned for more on that - and finally I have the privilege to share her with you.

Step 1: Listen to a couple of her songs.

Step 2: Buy your TRR 7 Tickets.

Step 3: Get fucking excited. I am.