The Bassment, Volume Nine: Everybodies Daddy

Seems the fine folks over at Toronto is Awesome found me worthy of interviewing. So, if you're ever curious about the path I've walked so far, and where it may go from here, read on. In their words:

Bassment Toronto is AwesomeToronto’s electronic music scene has seen some great changing of the guard over recent years, with an energetic batch of new promoters and producers organizing events and pushing the boundaries of the dance community in new and exciting directions. However, it is a mark of the dedication of the community to note that there remains a passionate core of life-long artists and event-goers who can still be found mastering their craft and lending their experience to the newer generations.

One such long-time master has grown from a fresh-faced new MC working his way up to the ladder into a fully-established artist as both a vocal performer and a DJ. Everybodies Daddy (trust me, there’s a good but far too lengthy story behind the spelling error) has emerged as a strong voice for Drum’n'Bass and Hardcore, with an artist’s gift for musical expression coupled with a lawyer’s logical understanding of how best to get his message across, as you’ll soon see in the interview below. Enjoy!

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New Year's Eve with Daydream & NC - the Alapacalypse!!!

That wonderful bonus holiday is here again... that night when the calendar rolls over, and we have an excuse to party our asses off. I can think of no better way to ring in the new year than with 500 of my closest friends & fans, alongside some of my favourite DJs, for two of the top hardcore promoters in North America. Without further ado, I present to you, the NYE Alapacalypse!!!

daydream nocturnal commission nye alapacalypse

As both the Mayan and modern calendar prepare to end, millions of people around the world are asking the question: is the world about to end in fiery apocalypse?

No. No, it won’t. That’s really, really silly.

In fact, it’s hard to think of something that would be sillier than believing the world is about to face a fiery apocalypse because of centuries old calendar. But of course, we did think of something sillier, because we’re kind of the experts in being silly.

That’s why, as the calendar ends and 2013 begins, Nocturnal Commissions and Daydream Productions are joining forces to prepare the world for the REAL challenge. We’re getting ready for…


We're facing it down the only way we know how, with proper hardcore power! Want to know who is playing? Watch this space - we'll be posting our lineup one performer at a time all week long!

9: Datarider
10: ad hoc
11: Xphox
12: Dynamic
1: Skywalker [UK]
2:Feel The Rush [UK]
3: Marty McFlyboy

MCs: Reconize [UK] and Everybodies Daddy


I will MCing for my old friend DJ Skywalker out of the UK. Last time he was here he dropped some dancefloor murdering breakbeat hardcore that left the crowd sloppy, messy, satisfied. This time we've got a few special things in the works, and a whole lot more of the nasty nasty tunes you love so dearly. A few new rhymes will make their live debuts, and I'll be pulling out a few old classics you may have forgotten about. Bring your dancing shoes, and a spare set of underpants, just in case.

By popular demand, I will also be giving out 200 copies of "Bass, Love & Unity," the mix the DJ Tranzit and I recorded for our US summer tour. It features some boundary-pushing mixing by DJ Tranzit, and some blazing new rhymes from yours truly. Be up front & losing your mind during Skywalker's set to get your copy!

Full details in the Events Section, or on the Facebook event page. You can get tickets for $35 on the Daydream website or $40 at the door.