Happy 2013!!!

OK, yes, I'm aware that 2013 is well and truly underway, but it's been such a hectic and varied start to the year that I haven't got around to the website in a bit. Forgive me?

In return for your forgiveness, I bring offerings of an event review, and a new booking announcement. Read on, MacDuff.

NYE 2013 Review

everybodies daddy alapacalypse dave skywalker nye 2013As you know, I rang in the new year at Daydream Productions & Nocturnal Commissions big NYE ravestravaganza, the Alapacalypse. What a crazy, fun, and loving way to welcome the turning of the years. I rolled in to xphox dropping a banging set of UK hardcore business just before we rang in the new year together. Flyboy did the countdown to 2013, and after hugs all around, it was followed up by DJ Dynamic dropping an all-anthems oldschool set to start the new year off proper, and to set the stage for the headliners.

For the second time, I had the privilege of working with Dave Skywalker, who brought the nasty, electro-glitchy, jungly goodness that the kids in Toronto lapped up. The amount of energy and positive vibes in the crowd was wonderful to see. The man certainly loves to play, and I think we were dancing every bit as hard as the massive on the floor. Shouts out to Athena, Jesse, Cassie, Cindy, Chris, and all the other awesome & fun folks I saw or met that night. Tranzit & I gave away a couple hundred copies of "Bass, Love & Unity" - so if you got one, please don't hesitate to tell us what you think of it!

Our set was followed up by Feel the Rush - AKA DJ C and MC Recognize, who put on an energetic show filled with up-front hardcore and some slick rhyming. The passion they feel for the music is obvious, and as those who were on the floor would know - mad infectious!

February 22, 2013 - T.R.I.P. Into the Nocturnal Jungle

One booking announcement - on Friday, February 22nd, Tranzit & I will be playing at a T.R.I.P. Project benefit jam. For those who don't know. the T.R.I.P. Project is a harm reduction not-for-profit that focuses on health & safety in the rave scene. It's been a valuable part of the scene for many many years, and was instrumental in showing the legitimacy of the community during the Fantino rave crackdown in 2000-2002. So, not only do you get to support a great cause, but you get to come out and dance to some of Toronto's finest local talent.

TRIP into nocturnal jungle everybodies daddy

In their words:

All together under one roof, these party animals are busting out bass ridden beats for a good cause that all of us in the scene are thankful to have around. T.R.I.P. Project is a harm reduction group who has helped many of us so now it's our turn to show our appreciation. Come this Friday, Feb. 22nd to Nocturne and help fund raise by dancing the night away!

~RAWR! We encourage you to sport your kigorumi, ears, tail, etc. for this animal kingdom themed fundraiser :D

DJ Ghaleon
Everybodies Daddy

Entry w/ $5.00 donation before 11PM
( -or- $5.00 w/ canned food donation after 11PM)
$10.00 donation for entry after 11Pm

I'll be playing a set of dancefloor dnb - lots of dubwize & jump up, and maybe a classic or two out of the ol' vinyl selection. I'll also be MCing for DJ Tranzit, as we work on a few tricks we've been preparing for the monster jam we're playing in Detroit the next night!

You can find full details on the Facebook event page, or in the events section here.


- Daddy