Candyball Review - NYC 4/20

What an insane night. New York City celebrated the 6th anniversay of Ravers Only's Candyball on April 20, 2013, and celebrated really fucking hard.


everybodies daddy candyball mcI was at the first one. I fact, I was the first international headliner ever to perform at a Candyball, when MC Jumper handed me the mic in front of 750 people in Exit Lounge in a hard-to-get-to part of Brooklyn. I introduced DJ Tranzit to New York for the first time. We were hot off the heels of a string of popular mixes in the mid-2000s that really resonated with ravers, and the crowd was hot from the start. That was my first experience with the New York vibe, and I was hooked. Everyone was ever so excited to have happy hardcore back in NYC after 10 years. I've been back every chance I get, and I'm still proud to carry the Ravers Only banner.

I was hung over when we rolled into the venue around 10:30, thanks to a bottomless brunch experience and mid-afternoon wings with Tranzit and some old NYC friends. Security had moved that huge line in pretty quickly, and the crowd was already filling in. Mark5 out of Boston was scratching down some up-front tunes. He'd asked me to drop a few rhymes on his set, and I was happy to oblige. By the end of the set, the crowd was already shuffling.

Tranzit and I were on next, playing our customary 11 pm set, setting the tone for the night. A couple of days before the jam, Smoke had dropped the surprise headliner - Dave Pinnacle - who would be playing b2b with Tranzit. This was my first time MCing for Pinnacle, but not my first time hearing the wicked tunes he makes. They threw down some bangin' tunes for the first 20 or so minutes, then switched up the pace with some drum n' bass & drumstep that had the dancefloor going off, then smashed some vocal anthems for the last little bit. The dancefloor was packed, and our work was done.

So I thought.

candyball pretty girl productions dancer raveDJ Spree, one of the top U.S. happy hardcore DJs ever, was on next. It was actually my first time catching him, 'cos I hadn't started playing in the U.S. regularly until after he'd stepped back from traveling so much. He was reaching across the years for his track selection. Eyeopener still has the same effect on a dancefloor as it did the day it was released. Hands up, reach up, go wild! Solid set.

Mad respect to Rob Gee and Smoke for that VIP room. Met so many awesome folks, and some possibilities for visiting new cities arose. I almost had to pry myself out of there with a crowbar to catch the headliners.

DJ Cruze was making his second Candyball appearance, after a rather epic set at Candyball 8, in 2009 with MC Jumper and myself on the mic. This time his MC was Frikshon - a name I've heard a lot about, but never seen. They had the crowd on a string, getting down & dancing reallly fucking hard. Cruze played almost entirely his own tracks, and the crowd ate them up. Well done, good Sir.

DJ Chunky and the Candyball fixture MC Casper were on next, and brought more of the up front goodness that had the crowd going crazy. I spent a bunch of time in the centre of the dancefloor myself, doing what ravers do when there's a wicked set on. Dancing my ass off.

Just before DJ Candykid's set kicked off, Hi IQ demanded a battle. I knew it was coming. It always comes when we're in the same room. His gritty, dark, industrial rhymes against whatever it is that I do. Candykid gave us some awesome trancecore to go off over, and we took it to the dancefloor with the mics. We got a circle going, and rhymed for the dancers as people brought their craziest moves. It was beautiful. Thanks, IQ, for sharing your set with me. I had to duck out a little early to "hydrate" and rest the voice before my next workout.

candyball raveValDEE out of Conneticut agreed to have me on the mic for his dnb set in the second room. Another guy whose mixes I'd heard, but never seen live. He was playing a set of beautiful atmospheric dnb, that the kids in the room were blissing out to. I took the mic down to the floor to stay the fuck out of his way, and started running some rhymes. A few guys asked if they could do a verse, and they seemed legit, so I handed it over. That's when I got the pleasure of hearing MastaChief - the voice of NYC, and a guy named Lenny Castillo who was spitting FIRE in Spanish. Stay in touch boys - I want to hear more of your stuff!

So, I closed down another Candyball. I think the only time I didn't stay to the end at one was... ah, that's another story for another day. As always, it's the people that make the party. Much love to Rob Gee, Smoke, Paul, Bob, Justin, Alex, Frikshon, Chunky, Slava, Mark, ValDEE, Mark, Brittany & the Detroit crew, Ashley, Sapphire, Keetenz & the rest of the Pretty Girls, Josh, Rayne and everybody else that my blurry mind hasn't pieced together yet. So much looOOOove.

The first 40 minutes of Pinnacle & Tranzit's set was recorded (no idea what happened to the rest), so pending approval, it should be on my Soundcloud soon!

- Daddy

April 20, 2011 - Happy Birthday Candyball - NYC

I'm super psyched to get back to the town so nice they named it twice for the 6th birthday of Candyball! It seems like only yesterday that my homeboy Tranzit and I were dropping the first international headliner set at NYC's first happy hardcore party in a friggin' long time. Now we're wishing happy birthday and many continued successes to Ravers Only & the Positivians. The best way to celebrate is to come on out and celebrate, with some amazingly talented DJs & MCs, and the wildest crowd on the U.S. east coast!

candyball 11 ravers only positivians

Area One: All Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore All Night Long

Hosts for the night: MC Jumper & MC Hi IQ (Ravers Only)

DJ Cruze w/ MC Frikshon (UK)
(Trackmaster Music)(Trackmaster Music, Born To Rave Mix Tape)

DJ Chunky (of the Chunky Boys) w/ MC Casper (UK)
(Fusion, Experi-mental Records)(Ravers Only)

Tranzit w/ MC Everybodies Daddy (Canada)
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only)


Candy Kid
(Galaxy Express Recordings, Ravers Only, Candy Radio)

Smoke B2B Holidaze
(Ravers Only)(Sour Apple Recordings, Ravers

(Hard Hitters, di.fm, HarderFASTERLouder)

Chaos D
(Morlock Musik)

The Wild Boy

Area Two: Mixed Genres All Night Long

(The Gabber Guru/ #PositivianVibes / OhhGEE Management)

Hypertech - Special Hardcore Birthday Set
(OmertaBookings.com, HSC)

Mumblz - Hardcore
(OmertaBookings.com, HSC)

Encoder fka. Prophet - Special 90's Trance Throwback
(Digital Entrapment, Hydraulix - UK, OmertaBookings.com)

Dali - Electro
(Girls & Boys NYC, Groove Therapy Records, Ravers Only)

Metaphysical - Funk/Breaks
(Skys the Limit Music, UMF, Konkrete Jungle, NYC/MIA)

ValDEE - Drum & Bass
(M.A.D.E. Productions, Beatdown Productions, Ravers Only)

Bob Barker - House
(Showcase Records, M.A.D.E. Productions, Ill Magic, MTEA)

GabyNoodle - Moombah/Dirty Dutch/UK Funky House
(Digital Distortion)

Date: Saturday April 20th, 2013
Hours: 8pm-4am
Price: $25 B4 9 // $30 B4 10 // $35 after 10!!!
Ages: 17+ to enter // 21+ to drink
Venue: NYC Arena (Formerly Amazura Ballroom)
91-12 144th place
Jamaica NY, 11435

Outside of the obvious excitement to see Cruze & Frikshon, and Chunky & Casper play, I'm also pumped to catch Rob Gee's set, and see mark5 play for the first time! As always, I'm looking forward to closing the night tagging with all the other vocal talent, including the birthday boy MC Jumper and the uber-talented MC Hi IQ!!!

Mark your attendance on the Facebook page! Tickets are on the door only, plenty of giveaways all night.