August 31 - Hard Hits - Boston

I've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting to announce this one! On August 31, 2013 I will be making my first evar appearance in Boston to play for the Hard Hitters. I've heard great things about the energy in the Boston scene, and met a few of you at one Candyball or another. Now it's time to bring the show to Beantown.

I won't be spinning, but I will be hosting the night, which will likely include some antics with each DJ, as well as dropping lyrical bombs like napalm 'longside the badman DJ Tranzit. On a side note, Tranzit's been in the studio of late, working on his first piece of production. Who knows, this show could see the world premiere of a new track... No pressure. ;-)

'Nuff said. Details!


everybodies daddy tranzit hard hits boston


This month, we've got an awesome treat for you all! We're bringing you a Hard Hitting line-up with a very special host! You're not going to want to miss out on this!

He's known for his MC skills throughout the Toronto underground and has been dubbed North America's top Hardcore MC by The Raving Eye. Since 1999, he has been mixing freestyles with slick rhymes and has also become a regular with New York's own Ravers Only (if you've been to the legendary Candyball series, then you already know the energy he brings to the crowd). Representing Future Perfect Synergy and Ravers Only and making his first appearance at Hard Hits, let's give a warm welcome to our host for the month, Everybodies Daddy!

Our special guest for the month has always given us an amazing treat by mixing up some Hardcore tunes on 3 decks simultaneously, and now he's back to bring us yet another Hard Hitting set! He's had multiple appearances within the US and Canada and has also made his mark at the Candyball parties in New York. Coming back all the way from Toronto and representing Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only and Deejay-Mixes.com, we're proud to bring you Tranzit!

Also making their Hard Hiting debut this month and representing Electronica Exposed, we've got Serenity joining us from Buffalo!

Hard Hitting support by DJ Tre and DJ Blu.

DJ Orange Alert will also be back to bring us another high energy, classic set.



Check the events section for details, or hit up the Facebook event page!

<3 - Daddy

July 27 - Gridlock Saturdays & Konkrete Jungle 613 - Ottawa

Our nation's capital is a beautiful place, especially in summertime, and it's vibrant jungle scene was ever so welcoming to me when I set down roots there for three years. Now, by the good graces of my friends at Gridlock Saturdays and KJ613, I'm touching down in O-town once more.

Last time I played for KJ, the crowd was raging out hard to the jump-up and wobbly smashers - banging on the ceilings, screaming for more. It was also the last time I worked with MC Caesar. This time I'll be bringing some summertime vibes and some filthy fucking basslines to the 613 massive. I know how much you beautiful people love your dancefloor drum n' bass, and I'm out to make you happy.

Bring your dancing shoes, shed your inhibitions, and stay well hydrated. Things'll get hot in there.

gridlock saturdays konkrete jungle 613 ottawa

Everybodies Daddy - DRUM & BASS - Toronto
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only)


Joe Rowe - ELECTRO



More detail on the Facebook event page or my Events section.


- Daddy