November 2013 Top 10 List!

Lots of big, bass heavy rollers in this month's selection, as it looks like the next mix is going to get pretty deep!




<3 - Daddy

Back in the studio...

Now that I finally got around to getting Full Circle pressed, and sent out some personalized copies to some of my strongest supporters through the years, I feel like I can close that chapter. Now it's time to build something fresh.

This time I don't have a concept for what I want to create. Well, that's a lie. I've got a general idea, but I'm just going to let the tunes do the talking. Whatever direction they push me in is the direction the mix will head to. What I do know is that I'll be diving into some deeper drum n' bass sounds, and there's bound to be a bunch of amen-tearout smashers in there for the purists.

I'll also be bringing in vocal support from Toronto's very own MC P.

Watch this space for more.