Future Perfect Synergy : #TDotLove v.2

We give love to another of Toronto's top dnb selectors and finest MCs on Bassline Music Bar's crisp soundsystem. Bring your dancing shoes!

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Ryan Ruckus with Traj Mc
Hustlin' Beats, Empire / Projek, Sonorous, TorontoJungle, Groundspace
(extended set)

A grizzled 19-year veteran of Toronto's jungle scene, Ryan Ruckus has walked many paths. He is well respected for his technical skills on the decks, and for his ability to build a sets that weave through a wide array of genres. He's also the CEO of Empire Productions, runs the dnb label Hustlin' Beats 'longside MC Fearless. His hard-hitting style has smashed dance floors in the UK, Italy, Vancouver and Mexico City... but his heart belongs to Toronto. Join us as he shows some #TDotLove for the dancefloor, with a two-hour set that will pay respect to the past, present, and future of drum n' bass.

Mr. Ruckus will be joined by Traj MC on the mic. Trajady has been on the case since the tender age of 17, when he took his first residency at Turbo nightclub with Mystical Influence and the Vinyl Syndicate camp. Traj & Ruckus have toured North & South America together since 2003, and have grown together as artists. In the process, Traj has risen to the top of the pack of Toronto emcees in the eyes of ravers and DJs alike. Keep your ears perked up for smooth, meaningful rhymes, twisted freestyles, and plenty of hype. After all, “MCing is an essential element to the dnb culture and movement.” - Traj MC

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Everybodies Daddy with MC P
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Jocelyn Dee
Drum Bass Entertainment

Knuckle Bumpz, Flatline Records

Our atmosphere is ever evolving, thanks to Triple Seven Productions on the deco tip. More details soon come.

Facebook event page is here, or full details in the events section of this site. 

$10 on the door only


Dead World 6 cometh...

hardcore 313 dead world 6 detroit rave everybodies daddy gammer

Ladies and gents, I'm so excited to be back in Detroit next weekend for Dead World 6, one of the biggest proper raves in North America right now. If you haven't heard, you'd better get to know. Last year's jam was filthy good, including when Tranzit made the dancefloor do this:


I'll be dropping a drum n' bass set in the second room at 11 pm. I'm leaning heavily in the direction of sexy dancehall vibes, but who knows where it will all lead. There's so much good tunage out right now, I'm being pulled in every direction. You'll just have to be on the dancefloor to find out.

Later that night I'll be holding down the mic for the world's #1 hardcore DJ, the one like Gammer. It'll be fast and furious, and run through a huge array of genres. Every DJ in the place will be watching closely, and every raver will be losing their mind. Needless to say, I'm crazy excited to work with the best in the business.

Advance tickets are still available, for only $15, here. It's an effing bargain. This will be one of the best parties you've ever been to. For real. Looking forward to seeing the Detroit & midwest fam rock the f out. Seeeeeeerious!

Full details in the events section here.

1<3 - Daddy