April 2014 Top 20 DnB Tracks!

So, I completely forgot to publish a top 10 in February, so I'll make up for it with an April top 20. Tons of feel-good springtime vibes, big bassy rollers, pretty liquid, and even a few hands in the air anthems. You can scroll through the tracks with the forward and back buttons in the Juno player!




Back in Ottawa on May 3, 2014

I'm happy to be returning to Ottawa to play a jam on Saturday, May 3. I've always had a lot of love for O-town, and relish every chance to get back and party with some wonderful people. It's a benefit party, to celebrate the brief but lovely life lived in the orbit of the Ottawa scene. It's a celebration of a life lived, and I'll be dropping a whole bunch of brand new tunes - fun, uplifting, dancehall vibes, laid in with some bass-heavy grinders, and maybe even a few hands-in-the-air monsters if y'all ask nicely. 

Get them dancing shoes ready!!!

everybodies daddy sarcastro ottawa rave mugz

Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Hardcore 313, Konkrete Jungle

with support from:

Mugz N Shredz
DJ Adam G

Venue is the Rideau Curling Club. $10 on the door, 19+ only. More info in the Facebook event page, or in the events section of the site here!

<3 - Daddy

MC JD added to Saturday's lineup!

Unfortunately, Trajady is unable to join us for #TDotLove v.3 on Saturday night, due to personal reasons. We wish him well, and we'll gladly have him back soon once outlooks improve. When a door closes, a window opens, and through that window springs the veteran mic controller MC JD, who will host Spinz's 2 hours of dancefloor rockin'. Bring whisky.

TDotLove bassline music bar everybodies daddy spinz jd love hz skip

Facebook event page is here!


<3 - Daddy