September 13 - #TDotLove v.7 feat NC-17 & MC JD

Our little monthly jam, #TDotLove, has been picking up steam of late... if you haven't been on the floor for any of the incredible sets that Toronto's finest have laid out for us, it's time to get to know. We get seriously twisted, and this month shall be no exception. We're pleased to welcome a DJ/producer that all Toronto junglists ought to be proud of - NC-17. His 3-deck quick mixing helps him to build sets that move dancefloors to hysterics. He's joined by the legendary MC JD on the mic, and they'll smash out an hour and a half set that'll leave you breathless. 

I'm being featured in the dance-til-you-drop set, 'longside my partner in crime, M.C.P. We keep playing as long as you keep dancing, so expect a musical jouney through everything from dancefloor smashers to etheral liquid, and all parts in between. 

But wait, there's more - we welcome a blazing-hot up & comer, Polaris, to set the stage for our headliner. The 11-12 slot makes or breaks the night - and this fella knows how to build a dancefloor.

tdotlove datty mc jd mcp tranzit polaris nc-17 bassline music bar toronto jungle dnb


Come and join us, and see what all the buzz is about. Bring good vibes and dancing shoes, and show your locals just how much Toronto loves 'em.

Full details on the facebook page


<3 y'all.

August 28 - FPS RUN RED Takeover!!

The don dada of Toronto drum n' bass has asked us to do him a solid by running an edition of his RUN RED Thursday weekly. So, we've pieced together a tidy little lineup, including a couple of people we've wanted to work with for a long friggin' time - Mass Law and the one like Lucky General on the mic. Summertime vibes won't last forever. Get 'em before they're gone!

run red datty marcus visionary future perfect synergy tranzit mass law lucky general toronto jungle dnb


(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Hardcore 313)

Mass Law
(HypeKrew, Rather Rude, DnB Federation)

DJ Tranzit
(Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Justice Hardcore)

hosted by:
Lucky General

Doors at 10 pm
19+ only

Check the facebook page for full details, etc!

<3 - Datty  

August 2014 Top 10 Drum 'n bass tunes

There's a ton of quality tunes out there right now from a bunch of up & comers, and some of my established favourites. This month features a bunch of bassy rollers, some pretty liquid tunes, a little ragga, and some proper jungle business. Get on it.


... or you can play the list from Juno Downloads directly here... 

Play 'em loud.


<3 - Datty

August 7 - Dub Hub Toronto's RUN RED Takeover

Last minute booking announcement! I'll be playing this week's Run Red: Dub Hub Toronto takeover edition. I'm on from 11-12, and will be taking some new tunes for a spin. C'mon down for a patty and a Red Stripe, and then burn dem calories with a little rump shaking.

datty everybodies daddy dub hub toronto run red marcus visionary remedy thymeless toronto

Facebook event has the full details.


<3 - Datty

Datty & M.C.P. live @ #TDotLove v.3

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