Feel Betta!

Reflecting the continuing growth of the electronic music scene in Toronto, another cool weekly event has popped up. The crew at Feel Betta are fairly new to Toronto, having cut their teeth on Canada's east coast. They're putting together diverse lineups in one of Toronto's most storied alt-dance venues - the Velvet Underground!

datty tranzit future perfect synergy feel betta velvet underground toronto wkd


I'll be playing an extended set from 1:00 until close. Expect some deep, soulful rolling tunes and plenty of pretty liquid to send you quietly into the night! <3

#TDotLove Weekend!!!

This weekend is shaping up to be a monster for Toronto junglists. Three high-quality jams featuring local legends are on tap. Rest up well tonight kids, for this weekend we rave!!

Thursday, November 6 - RUN : DNB
MC JD's Birthday Bash!

datty mc jd run dnb toronto jungle drum n bass thymeless

The OG jungle MC, man like JD, has survived another year. One of my earliest rave memories was him tearing the place down at Email's first rave - Fresh off the Tree... and his PLUR speech at ATM's Reunion party in 2000 is still etched in my mind. Even after all this time, he's still hustling - so c'mon out and pay some respect to a pillar of our scene.

I'll be warming up the night with some liquid, and rolling dnb... and if y'all get rowdy enough early enough, I might whip out a little proper jungle business for you to wine to. Let's do this properly! Big up JD!

Facebook event details here.

Friday, November 7 - Legends United

freaky flow capital j dj spinz mc jd toronto jungle dnb

This one will be a trainspotter's delight, as three of Toronto's native scratchmaster sons go b2b2b on four decks, with MC JD holding down the mic. Each of these men is an awesome DJ in his own right, and each has brough much credit to the Toronto scene by representing it worldwide. This is something I've never seen before - and I don't know if it's ever been done - but it's going to be twisted. Check the facebook page for details.


Saturday, November 7 - TDotLove v.9

tdotlove mr brown datty tranzit hungryt dj toronto dnb rave jungle edm torontojungle

Saturday night is the peak of #TDotLove weekend festivities. After gazing in amazement at the turntablism on display on Friday, it's time to get down to some serious drum n' bass dancefloor destruction on Saturday night. This month we feature Soul in Motion's Mr. Brown, and his deep, deep, deep crate of heavy duty drum n' bass. He'll be laying out an extended set with Traj MC, and we're certain he'll use the extra time to take you somewhere you've never been before. My partner in crime DJ Tranzit will be in the dance-til-you-drop set on three decks, and local producer HungryT warms things up with his soulful home-grown sound.

I'll be on at 11:00 with some ragga, dub, and big bad bassy tunes to get you worked up before the big brown fella murks it out.

We're also featuring Toronto artist Maryanne Peters' trippy geometric art, and a MarioKart contest on the small screen. A bunch of birthdays in the house, and cheap drinks before 11. Check the facebook page for full details.


Oh, plus Church Sundays is featuring Stranjah and Hydra to cap off your weekend.

Bottom line: if you're not on the dancefloor in the city this weekend, you're no junglist.