June 13 - Future Perfect Synergy's Proper F*cking Rave

This spring, we're throwing the party we've always dreamed of throwing. Rally your crew, mark your calendars, limber up your dancing feet, and prepare for a night like none other... after all, it takes a village to build a vibe.

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liondub (NYC) with MC JD (dance-til-you-drop set)
1:30 - ???
Liondub International, Halcyon, Konkrete Jungle, Breakbeat Science, Earwax, The Agriculture, Lustre Kings / Destiny, Torontojungle.com, Electronic Nation

The baddest of badmen in the U.S. jungle scene, liondub comes correct each and every time. He's paid his dues since 1991 in NYC's roots soundsystems and drum n' bass scene... and his hard work and dedication to his craft is finally gaining him the recognition he so rightly deserves. His top-tier production work, and collaborations through the LionDub International record label he built from the ground up are making waves worldwide. He's pushing his city's bass music sound to the world through his radio show on Kool FM - a gritty blend of reggae, hip-hip, dubstep, and jungle music influences. On top of all of that, he's still a dancefloor murderer, through and through. His sets are soulful, expressive, precisely mixed, and packed chock full of tunes and dubs that you'll never hear anywhere else. He 
keeps playing until y'all stop dancing, so let's show our guest what Toronto's got.

Mr. Dub will be joined on stage by a man whose performing career is equally storied. MC JD is one of our favourite Toronto microphone controllers for his boundless energy and creativity on the mic. From thought provoking story lyrics, to classic rave MC crowd hype, to Bhangra-influenced sing-song business, JD binds the DJ and the dancers together in mayhem.

Marcus Visionary with Bandit Emcee (extended set)
12:00 - 1:30 am
Digital Soundboy, High Culture, Necessary Bass, Lion Dub International, Inner City Dance / Dungeon Kru

The king ding-a-ling of the jungle ‘ting in Toronto, Marcus Visionary is our ambassador to the world. Marcus grew up immersed in the soundsystem culture, exposed to a heavy dose of lovers rock and roots reggae from an early age. Jungle music hooked him in the mid-1990s, and he rode slick mixing and one-of-a kind track selection to the very top of the city’s drum n’ bass scene. For 20 years he graced the airways on Prophecy FM, pushing the sounds of underground bass music to the masses. He’s recently parlayed that success into a bi-weekly slot on KOOL FM London, a testament to his growing international reputation. Not satisfied to rest on his laurels, he took up music production in the late ‘00s, steering his sounds towards the Caribbean vibe he was born to play. Marcus was our first headliner at #TDotLove, and words cannot express how excited we are to have him back to mash up our first proper rave in over a decade.

Marcus will be joined by Bandit Emcee, a man this city has missed dearly since his move to parts south of here. When we saw him last, he was singing live reggae vocals as part of Dungeon Kru as they captured the title of Toronto’s Champion Sound at the Synergy Soundclash this winter. You can expect more of the same fire-spitting lyricism, peppered with grimy hip-hop cyphers, and classic oldschool dnb emcee sounds. Make sure to listen keenly while you dance, as there’s a message in his madness.

Datty with M.C.P.
11:00 pm - 12:00 am
Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Hardcore 313, Justice Hardcore /

The stage will be set for the big guns by a grizzled veteran of the Toronto underground. A storyteller in the purest sense of the word, Datty's sets are built to bring you through a world of emotion. With an arsenal of tunes that defies description, he weaves together tunes spanning 20 years and every style of drum n' bass. His mixing style is as varied as his track selection, and he's notorious for taking crowds on unexpected tangents. Perhaps the only hardcore DJ to make a successful transition into Toronto's jungle scene, he continues to bridge the two communities in sound and promotions. The #TDotLove events he promotes with Tranzit are working to build unity & respect in Toronto’s underground, and showcase the city’s talent to the world.

Datty is joined by M.C.P., a big dutty MC killah, a man whose over-the-top energy infects the crowd, and motivates dancefloors like few others. His sound is one that hearkens back to the early days of rave MCs, and is cut with the reggae influences of his Caribbean heritage. Brapadapadaap!

Dungeon Kru with Lucky General
10:00 - 11:00 pm

9:00 - 10:00 pm
Future Perfect Synergy, Ravers Only, Justice Hardore


liondub proper fucking rave toronto

-- venue that's a drum n' bass virgin
-- custom built sound and lighting
-- PLUR, ROAR, and jerk chicken in effect
-- vendors, artists, giveaways, and all the finer details you've come to expect of FPS events
- craft & local beer on tap, full menu until last call!
- birthday surprises for those who're celebrating with us

Capacity is limited. Only 150 advance tickets will be sold.

Venue is in downtown Toronto, and TBA on the day of by infoline and interwebs.

Tickets available online:


Mark your attendance here: pr:/events/22517
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