May 2017 Top 11 Drum N' Bass

There's so much great music coming out these days, it's awfully difficult not to:

  1. Spend all of my money on music
  2. Put every tune I buy on the list
  3. Piss someone off with where their tune falls in the sequence

But, here it is - my top 11 drum n' bass tunes of May, 2017 for your listening pleasure. The highlights include: "Look" by Sub Killaz - a positively stunning vocal roller that I've had on repeat since I bought it; "Back to Reality" by RMS, a Canadian producer/DJ who we've had at #TDotLove a few times, and is making some of the best jungle in the world right now; the cheeky "98 Style" by Germany's DJ Sly, a bubbly roller that's a sure fire dancefloor motivator; and the S.P.Y. remix of Metrik & Rothwell's "We've Got It", which is a beast of a tune, and my pick to be the anthem of summer 2017.

So, without further ado, here's the list:


If you don't want to stream it in the player, here's the link to the chart on Juno Downloads. Now, keep your nose out of my crates. ;)

These tunes will feature in heavy rotation on our weekly #TDotLove radio show, Wednesday nights from 8-10 pm EST on YouTube.